Mark E. Horowitz
Bicycle Expert

Providing expert witness services and opinions based on over forty years experience and training in bicycling, bicycle safety,
and bicycle facility planning and design

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Both bicycle riding and riding in traffic are skills that can only be mastered by doing and bicycle facility design is a specialization that the typical engineer has little experience with. Because of this you need Mark Horowitz, a bicycle expert who knows facility design, is skilled at riding a bicycle in traffic, and a certified bicycling instructor. 

Mark Horowitz is a practicing expert with twenty-eight years experience and training in bicycle facility planning and design in Florida, over forty years experience riding in traffic and more than twenty-five years teaching how to bicycle in traffic. For twenty-three years Mark Horowitz has been providing expert services to plaintiff’s and defense counsel.

Being an effective expert witness is more than just having a good resume and an opinion. It is critical that an expert under pressure is able to handle tough questions with confidence. As the bicycle program manager for Broward County, Florida, one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country, I have ample opportunity to speak to audiences with diverse backgrounds and opinions on bicycling, including elected officials who oppose providing for bicyclists. This experience has enabled the development of the skills required to present expert opinions in a clear, concise, and confident manner. This combined with my use of helmet or bicycle mounted video camera gives opposing counsel compelling reasons to move toward settlement.

To provide the best possible service, early involvement in developing a case strategy is critical.It has proven to be very useful for me to be present at the depositions of either the bicyclist or the motorist involved in the case.

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